Solid State Physics
under Extreme Conditions


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We research solid state physics under extreme conditions -High magnetic field, Low temperature and High pressure.
  • High magnetic field: maximum field 55T (550,000Gauss) using pulsed magnetic field
  • Low temeprature: 1.8K (-271.2 degree) using pumping liquid helium.
  • High pressure: 10.0K bar (10000 times of the pressure of the atmosphere).
  • Micro machine: ESR detection of nano gram sample using micro-cantilever.
We research the magnetic properites at the extreme conditions. We have experimental techniques of electron spin resonance measurements (ESR), magnetoptics measurements (cyclotron resonance (CR)), magnetic susceptibility measurements, magnetization measurements, magnetoresistance measurements.

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  • For web feed back web master Dr. S. Okubo ( )
  • For extreme lab. Prof. H. Ohta ( ) (Molecular Photoscience Research Center, Department of Physics, Kobe University)